The first phase treatment of mesothelioma

The first phase is the first of four stages of the cancer mesothelioma. Diagnosis of mesothelioma means that the first stage of cancer in the beginning did not progress and the outlook is much better than it was in the later stages. At this stage, however, patients typically have no symptoms. For this reason it is very rare to be diagnosed before the advanced stages.

Required further testing to determine the stage of the cancer to diagnose mesothelioma. Depending on the type of mesothelioma, you may be using different methods of testing. Diagnostic tools to assess whether the cancer is in Phase I, Phase II, Phase III or Phase IV.

Is the most widely used tools, CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging examination. And X-rays.

What is the first stage tumor?
The first stage mesothelioma is the most treatable of the disease. The first phase is the diagnosis of mesothelioma is extremely rare, but as symptoms do not usually provided only after the disease progresses to later stages.

And classified as the first stage of mesothelioma cases in which it is localized to a specific area of ​​cancer, heart, lungs or abdomen. With pericardial mesothelioma or peritoneal, cancer is still in penetrating the lining of the heart or abdomen.

There are three staging systems of mesothelioma typically used by physicians rated malignancies. TNM staging system and the Butchart staging system Brigham.

TNM is the most commonly used grading system for all types of mesothelioma. The letter "T" indicates the size of the tumor and the letter N means that if the lymph nodes were involved or not, and M means whether the cancer has spread to other organs of the body or not.

Butchart staging system is mainly used for pleuralmesothelioma which is indicative of the size and metastasis of mesothelioma.

The Brigham staging system is based on whether mesothelioma is operable and whether he was attending the lymphatic system.

Symptoms of the first stage tumor
Usually do not show symptoms of mesothelioma even in cases of cancer and provide individuals with mesothelioma stage I do not show any noticeable symptoms of their illness. However, there may be some early signs in the chest or abdominal pain and fatigue.

Common treatments for the first stage tumor
Group of tumor treatment options for patients stage I is available on a wider range, because at this stage, still be localized cancer. Often recommended conventional treatments or participate in clinical trials for patients who seek treatment in the early stages of mesothelioma.

First stage of the mesothelioma is the first treatment option explored. In most cases it is usually the best option. Surgery to remove the lining of the affected around the abdomen or the heart and lungs.

Another option to address a common first stage Mesothelioma is chemotherapy. By the management of high doses of specific drugs, chemotherapy targets cancer cells and destroys them. With chemotherapy, however, can be side effects of treatment are worse than the symptoms of cancer itself.

Hyperthermia and chemotherapy
Studies have shown that cancer cells more responsive to chemotherapy in cases of high temperature because of the high body temperature. This method of treatment appears minimal impact on life as a whole is still in its early stages.

Usually used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is a common method of treatment of the tumor I stage. The objectives of radiation therapy and control of the metastasis of cancer cells. Through the destruction of cancer cells and prevent the spread of radiation therapy of mesothelioma. Although there are some side effects associated with treatment, such as pain, fatigue, arthritis, radiation therapy usually produces positive results for the first stage the tumor.

Gene Therapy
Gene therapy involves the transplantation healthy genes and the targeting of cancer cells. But were not generally used for the first stage mesothelioma, gene therapy is the treatment for the growing several types of cancer, and is currently being further ongoing research.

Here the treatment is by strengthening and enhancing the ability of the immune system to fight disease and immunotherapy shows some promise for the treatment of mesothelioma is the first phase. Through drugs and immune system development in the vein. And research in this type of treatment is still ongoing and the results so far are inconclusive about whether immunotherapy is a viable option for the first stage the tumor.

Clinical trials
Some mesothelioma patients sometimes taking part in a clinical trial and be Zkl Hoalkhiar better for them. Clinical trials often test treatment and medication options for patients with mesothelioma, which have already undergone a strong scientific tests. Many clinical trials use a placebo as a control, and mesothelioma patients should consult with your doctor to understand the risks involved before engaging in any therapeutic experience.


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