Brigham staging system

Was founded Brigham staging system by a team in the Women's Hospital, led by an expert mesothelioma d. David Sugarbaker. In 1990 in the early and successful treatment outcomes after multi-media, which included the implementation of an operation outside the lung pleura and were encouraged researchers at the Hospital for the establishment of the new staging system was predictive of patients who would qualify and benefit from surgical operations.
This can be used system-based surgical staging to identify patients who benefit from receiving pleural pneumonectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation.

Brigham staging system is the most effective in the treatment of mesothelioma is a multi-media and involves the combined use of several different treatments including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Brigham staging system known whether surgery is the treatment option is applicable for mesothelioma patient and the presence or absence of lymph node post. It is similar to both the Butchart staging system and the TNM staging system, but in that it also determines the development of mesothelioma in four stages. And these stages are described below.

Phase 1
Tumors are removable with surgery it is localized tumor in the lung and pleura pericardium and diaphragm, or chest wall, lymph nodes show no sign of cancer, surgery is an option.

Stages 2
 Bypass patients developing tumor in the pleura behind the pleural envelope and are still removable through surgery. Lymph node metastases occurred as well.

Phase 3
 Tumor is no longer limited as was the case in Phase 1 and 2. But spread to the chest wall, heart, or through the diaphragm in peritonitis. And Ama means that the cancer may or may not have spread to lymph nodes at this stage, surgery is no longer an option.

Phase 4
 Tumor spread to other organs and tissues in the body through the bloodstream. Metastatic disease in the body.
The system can not Brigham staging help doctors determine the extent of progress of the disease, but helps to know what treatment or combination of treatments that can be used and what the patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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