Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Happens peritoneal mesothelioma in abdominal cavity and identification in cell walls surrounding the cavity kind abdomen. A rare type of cancer and incidence Tkzn very rare where a nearly 20% of the total patients with mesothelioma and affects about 500 people each year in the United States.
Mesothelioma is notorious for having a long latency period is growing silently, but does not affect the health and employment. In fact, in most cases, symptoms go decades before it became clear and this unfortunately means that the disease in an advanced stage before symptoms begin to appear. In many cases, this delay in diagnosis adversely affect the diagnosis of the patient.
Causes of peritoneal mesothelioma
Asbestos is the major cause of peritoneal mesothelioma. This occurs for either by swallowing
Asbestos fibers that settle in the peritoneal membrane, or by inhalation, which causes zihaar
e pleural mesothelioma then moved to the abdominal cavity if it does not control the spread of the disease.
There are a lot of asbestos in workplaces as diverse as steel mills, shipyards and construction sites, construction and power plants.
Digestive system disorders. Anemia. Weight loss. Swelling in the abdomen. These are symptoms of fever, peritoneal tumor, which may last from 6 months to a year without known disease is final.
Peritoneal tumor was detected in most patients haply when the patient is suffering from another disease such as cholecystitis
And often show symptoms of the disease on women faster than men. And increase symptoms in women two things two other bulge in the groin and swelling around the navel (umbilical hernia).
The only way Achkhis peritoneal mesothelioma is a liquid which is extracted from the peritoneal to test conclusively. The sample is checked to make sure of the existence of cancerous cells malignant.
When a patient complains of pain in the stomach and chest, the doctor first thing is a disease suspected peritoneal mesothelioma will immediately formalities multiple imaging tests before the diagnosis is made official.
Treatment of peritoneal tumor
Currently chemotherapy is the most commonly used for patients with peritoneal mesothelioma. Despite the presence of one treatment is the most effective and which Atkzn of Alpimitricksid with cisplatin.
There are a lot of clinical trials for new drugs experience such as onconase and navelbine
In many cases, prefer a surgical eradication of peritoneal mesothelioma with chemotherapy or Alasaaay.


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