Herbal and dietary supplements

Has been the inclusion of various herbal supplements and nutritional health in the daily routines of individuals linked conclusively to better health and overall wellness. Many people choose to supplement the food they eat with the additional vitamins and minerals. For cancer patients, such as those with cancer, mesothelioma, and implementation of specific improvements can be herbal and food to be an integral part of this plan is very therapeutic. Can supplements that may take a cancer patient often strengthen their immune system and contribute to overall health.

Cancer patients including those suffering from mesothelioma, you may experience debilitating side effects as a result of conventional malignant mesothelioma cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation. These side effects include a reduction in the levels of iron and protein in the body, as well as the unfortunate consequences, fatigue and others. Several clinical studies show that patients with cancer can benefit greatly from taking various herbal supplements and food and that implementation of these supplements may actually enhance the resistance of the cell and promote cell renewal. In addition, cancer patients that a couple of supplements with chemotherapy showed increased responsiveness and improved treatment.

Doctors believe that the treatment of cancer patients needs to be some vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, A, E, and selenium, antioxidants that occur naturally can be found in dairy products and fish, may be useful for cancer patients. The vast majority of doctors recommend patients to take these vitamins crucial by the food they eat, but in the event that a cancer patient is unable to digest normal food, and the inclusion of supplements can be an asset to the traditional treatments. On the contrary, vitamin B and calcium did not show the beneficial health effects in the treatment of cancer patients.

As with all alternative therapies should discuss all cancer patients include dietary supplements and herbal with a doctor before starting treatment in the system is supposed to follow.

Proved to recent studies many of the alleged benefits of herbal supplements different times.
And St. John's Wort
Have all been found relatively ineffective against many diseases have claimed to help. This does not seem to slow down purchases by consumers in the United States, which spent $ 14.8 billion in dietary supplements and other natural that in 2007, according to a report released last summer. As it has not stopped many vendors make false claims Supplement, and the recommendation to use potentially dangerous products to customers.

The use of herbal supplements and food by the elderly is increasing and the British, despite the risk of adverse effects and negative herb drug interactions, and often were not aware of the doctors use. A number of herbal and nutritional supplements most commonly used by the elderly, which use special herbal extracts, is not known. This study aims to identify how many herbal and nutritional supplements, which are the most commonly used by herbal extracts British people 50 years of age, and to identify any herb-drug interactions represent the greatest risk for this age group.


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