Asbestos alternatives

Asbestos can be found in many insulation products used widely in homes and commercial buildings and shipyards across the country. This was during the more than 75 years and is due reason is that asbestos is characterized by strength and resistance to heat and fire .Because of the proliferation of exposure to asbestos exposure many people over a long period of time, causing diseases such as asbestos-related mesothelioma.
The use of a growing movement away from the use of asbestos became to find a suitable replacement is absolutely necessary for many manufacturers and contractors all over the world. There are a few alternatives. The most common are polyurethane foam, amorphous silica fabric, plastic heat flour and fillers flour and cellulose fibers and will talk about each one in detail.

Polyurethane foam
Polyurethane foam used as an alternative to asbestos sprayed in any type of structure is a very safe product as it does not emits harmful gases and provides insulation required for heat and electricity. It is also an excellent choice for homes population have problems with allergies, because they are a very tight seal, with a small area of ​​dust or mold. Manufacturers of this product claim that its use reduces the energy costs of about 30-35% per annum.
The only drawback of this alternative is that it must be installed by certified technicians, leading to a rise in the cost of installation a little bit.
The polyurethane foam used in a lot of business, for example:
Isolate the walls of commercial and residential buildings.
Flotation of ships, boats, barges and floating docks.
Insulation of buildings and industrial pipes and tanks.

Flour fillers
Fillers can be used as an alternative to asbestos flour because it contains some natural substances that provide the same features as asbestos and some companies sell crack and cut padding and extensions made from natural substances that help in isolation. These may include pecan flour shell, rice hull ash, rice flour, wheat flour. And nut flour because this is completely normal, they are in fact "green" great choice, and provide any risk to those exposed to it. They can be used in the manufacture of rubber and coating products and some cosmetics. Also uses this type of flour for stuffing, adhesives and plywood industry.

Amorphous silica fabrics
This alternative is not used in residential applications and these fabrics with high quality and purity of large substances high temperature used for a wide range of applications insulation and protection in industries such as aviation and shipyards and electric power generation and metallurgical industries. The fabrics do not contain fiberglass, which comes in the question a health hazard. However, in many industries and already solved these products similar products that once contained asbestos.

The Department of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards especially for the largest possible number of amorphous silica particles which can be present per cubic foot in the professional space for a worker working for eight hours a day. To be memoranda of caution to anyone who intends to use fabrics amorphous silica as an alternative to asbestos.

Cellulose fiber
Cellulose fiber and one of the most commonly used alternatives where cellulose insulation from finely shredded newsprint with wood pulp, cotton and linen. Chemically treated to enhance its properties and increasing the fire resistance and the reduction of mold, and this is usually of cellulose fibers recycled content by 85%, making it a viable option last green. It is good for use in commercial or residential buildings, plumbing and pipe insulation. (GreenFiber) is a company that manufactures cellulose and other products  notes that some 15% of new buildings constructed all green in the United States choosing this alternative.

Thermoset plastic flour
Are filled plastic heat with wood flour and other fillers at low prices to reduce costs such as eggs or finely ground gelatin and then hardened and provide a balance between good insulation, strength and heat resistance is the same advantages asbestos., But without the risks of making their use on a large scale in the construction industry which is one of the largest users of plastic products like this called for heat and cold, and sound insulation to save energy both for noise reduction and can be used as an adhesive.

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