There are two types of therapies used to treat mesothelioma patients are medical treatments such as chemotherapy
radiotherapy and surgery. This type is the best and most beneficial to the patient. This does not mean that complementary therapies or second type is not important and is capable of healing.
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils, also known as volatile oils extracted from plants, flowers and herbs to improve the emotional and physical health.Essential
oils are highly concentrated oils of various plants. Simple inhalation of essential oils brings many physical and mental benefits both for patients with mesothelioma. It should be that those who suffer from serious medical conditions only use scents under the auspices of vocational training, and the combination of essential oils wrong can lead to harmful side effects or medical problems.

Aromatherapy is a relatively recent phenomenon in alternative therapy for cancer patients, tracking uses thousands of years in other capacities. The idea Paroaúh treatment to stimulate the senses and perceptions in such a way to create a comfortable and quiet environment. Senses are linked to incredible levels of a person because of the concern. Therefore, when the senses it is possible to alleviate the reduction of stress levels and anxiety in some patients. Using certain essential oils, these scents easily lead emotional, which could be of high value to the patient battling a terminal illness.

In some cases will be added aromatherapy with other alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, which can ease the entire body in each of the sensory perception and muscle relaxation. Have seen some patients to relieve sympotoms associated to chemotherapy, such as nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and when exposed to environments odors controlled. This was a clinical trial is not in nature, and may not show the same results in all patients.

It is important that we know very well that most alternative therapies that rely strictly on personal preference and it is the results will vary greatly from patient to patient. It is also important to consult with the patient's physicians that the patient may be working with before engaging in any complementary therapies. Despite the interest, the patient must be conscious of the objectives of traditional remedies first and ensure they are compromised.

There are seven basic types of oils used in the treatment, with dozens of varieties within each type. These groups are .
Oxides: Used to prevent bacterial problems
Alcohol: is used for healing and raising the spirit
Ketones: used to help the problems of congestion
Aldehydes: Used for anesthetic
Esters: Used to anesthesia and virus fighting
Monoterpenes: used to prevent viruses and bacterial problems
Phenols: used to stimulate

There are also hundreds of essential oils available for health promotion and treatment of medical problems present. But not all essential oils are safe. It is very important that the following essential oils are used by a licensed expert
Spanish Broom
This is not a safe treatments for all patients. Alternative medicine is still strongly criticized by Alektheyr of doctors who believe only in traditional medical treatments. It is important for patients to be aware of all available options for aromatherapy. Although researchers are still studying the effects of the use of essential oils on the body, have been recorded promising results in studies on a small scale.


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