History of acupuncture 
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment, dating back before 3000 BC and then spread dramatically in recent years so that now covered by insurance companies. The ancient Chinese believed that the appropriate placement of these needles provides a wide range of benefits and medical acupuncture to control not only the pain but it is also a way toward healing. 
Acupuncture enjoys great popularity in the United States and used on a large scale so that the Food and Drug Administration classified acupuncture needles as medical devices are supported and recognized medically. 

Mesothelioma and Acupuncture 
mesothelioma patients suffer from significant pain. In many cases the acupuncture a very effective way in reducing the pain, proven clinical studies that patients with mesothelioma malignant receiving treatment traditional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy along with acupuncture improved significantly in the control of the pain so that many patients have abandoned for traditional sedating medication. 
Studies have shown also that cancer patients who were treated by acupuncture may improve the immune system to have this next to the low side effects of chemotherapy while maintaining a healthy weight. 
Common side effects associated with acupuncture is the roundabout immediately after the meeting, stress or pain at the site include a symptom of needles safe for patients with cancer or mesothelioma. 
1% of patients treated with acupuncture experienced some dizziness Iczn this mostly because of concern only, and about 2% of patients were subjected to bruising at the site of acupuncture, and 3% were bleeding at the site of acupuncture. But people who suffer from bleeding disorders and those taking anticoagulants should avoid acupuncture.


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