We all know that the pain associated with cancer is often one of the hardest ways to deal with this disease. If you are dealing with pleural mesothelioma or peritoneal mesothelioma, pain is undoubtedly to be part of the equation, and often the thing that interferes with the most quality of life of the patient and the ability to work on a daily basis. And treatment of this pain is at the forefront of living with the disease.

Many people have many physical processes such as automatic heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and temperature.Biofeedback is a method of treatment devices which are used to monitor these processes. 
Biofeedback is extensive and requires little effort on the part of the patient. In general, technology is safe for the patient. Sometimes cause flashbacks Albeolgy some side effects such as confusion, dizziness and a sense of floating and anxiety.

What is biofeedback?
Often referred to as the mind and body therapy, biofeedback, and was for several generations. Provide other means for the treatment of pain and a viable alternative for further analgesics, has been used therapy Biofeedback for several years in the treatment of chronic pain, not only disease-related diseases such as cancer,mesothelioma, but also for the treatment of addiction, depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder and concentration.
Biofeedback has also been used successfully with many of the mesothelioma Navy veterans centers and Department of Veterans Affairs.
There are several ways to do this, and many different techniques provided by the proponents of this biofeedback therapy complementary.

Electromyogram (GEM)
The most widely used methods of biofeedback (EMG) involves placing sensors in predetermined points on the body, to measure the levels of muscle tension in different parts of the body. Using sensors, patients can learn to detect when they are tense and will soon be able to recognize the signs that the tension in its path. When the patient is unable to ease the tension, they can alleviate the problems caused by, including pain.

Electrical (EEG)
EEG - known as neurofeedback - worked to monitor brain waves. As a result, can determine how the brain waves working to link some states of mind, including the deep sleep and relaxation. Often uses this technique for those who are having problems sleeping.

Temperature Biofeedback
Is another way to measure the pressure and the fact that he is about to appear, and temperature biofeedback uses sensors that changes in skin temperature measure. When the temperature is low to the skin, it is likely to occur tension. If the patient can learn to recognize this change, he can thus avoiding tension.

Galvanic skin response training
By measuring the amount of sweat on the skin and resulting activity of the gland, and often uses this type of biofeedback to measure the pressure or anxiety among those who have an anxiety disorder, which is often a problem for those dealing with asbestos cancer diagnosis.What are the benefits of biofeedback?Requires treatment using biofeedback training to professional management and patient monitoring equipment and interpretation of the changes that occur to him. Through the organization and functions of the body can help in reducing tension biofeedback, relaxation, and improve urinary incontinence is correct. It also works to help people who suffer from Raynaud's disease, a problem involving the blood circulation which can lead to numbness, cold, or pain in the fingers and toes.
We can organize tasks that cause physical discomfort the patient as well as assistance in retraining the muscles. Scholastic has been proven by research that biofeedback be particularly useful for patients regain control of bowel and urine after surgical operations.


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