Mesothelioma Vaccine

All kinds of cancer vaccines generally fall under the broader category of immunotherapy. The best description of the vaccines and medicines that are designed to enhance the body's immune system and protection of natural bacteria or viruses that can cause disease. Most individuals are familiar with vaccines given to infants or young children. They are given to stop the development of certain diseases such as whooping cough and tetanus. Cancer vaccines can do that too, but there are others that are also designed to keep the existing cancer from spreading. Two prevention mesothelioma cancer vaccines are now available in the United States, but vaccines treatment is still in the stages of development and are currently too many are being tested in clinical trials.

Published some data for scientists studying a vaccine for mesothelioma. The most important primary in respect lung cancer medical journal. Mesothelioma, cancer of the lining of the device caused by exposure to asbestos, is highly resistant to conventional treatments. Not only do they grow fast, but its shape makes detection and removal difficult. Unlike some other types of solid tumors that may grow in a cluster and mesothelioma tumors tend to spread to form paper-like membrane.

Announced the National Cancer Institute, a mesothelioma vaccine or those used to treat other types of cancer - must achieve two goals to stimulate immune responses specific and directed against the goal of any cancer cells and it must be strong enough to overcome the barriers that used cancer cells to protect themselves from attack.
Scientists also discovered how cancer cells can escape recognition by the immune system in the body, can develop better vaccines treatment that will meet these goals. Scientists have been experimenting with a new way to target and destroy tumors mesothelioma, regardless of its format. 5T4 antigen is overexpressed in many types of cancer cells. The researchers tested for 5T4 cells taken from mesothelioma 11 sample cells in the lab and grown, 21 tumor biopsies, and 11 samples of pleural fluid of mesothelioma patients. For comparison, they also tested the levels of antibodies in the plasma 5T4 from healthy donors.

Through this research confirmed the research team that overexpressed 5T4 in each of mesothelioma cells that have been tested. Next, exposed samples of mesothelioma cells to 5T4 specific killer T cells - the same type of cells produced by the immune system to destroy the invaders. In the laboratory, and the killer 5T4 target cells Ttsttia kill four out of six lines of mesothelioma cells that have been tested.

In March of 2010, a group of researchers announced the Dutch because they have the first vaccine for mesothelioma and their findings in the American Journal of Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care. Dutch vaccine employs the use of cancer stem cells pulsed analyst to stimulate the immune system, causing production of antibodies in the body specific mesothelioma.

This vaccine has been achieved with the participants in the treatment of clinical trials through a series of three vaccines administered intravenously and intradermally and during a two-week period after chemotherapy mesothelioma. The results showed an improvement in general and positive effect in 80% of cases of individuals who participated. But there have been some side effects such as rashes, but expire after 48 hours.


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