light therapy

What is light therapy? 
Light therapy can be confused with photodynamic therapy and light therapy showed that it is safe and effective and is used to treat many of the issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, psoriasis and lymphoma T-cell. This is what concerns us in the subject and working light therapy using a light source and is proven to be somewhat effective in the treatment of some types of lung cancer, chest, including mesothelioma

Cancer patient gets nervous, pain, and anxiety in some patients while strict adherence to traditional remedies set forth in tumors or other medical professional to treat these symptoms regardless of other ways to relieve the symptoms, or to reduce the size of tumors by. So far, there are only a few of the ways that you can reduce stress scientists in fact the presence of cancer cells or shrink tumors, although there are a number of alternative therapies, which some say can do the same. Light therapy is one of those treatments that may work to shrink tumors and reduce symptoms. 

Uses light therapy involves exposing the patient to any of the waves visible or ultraviolet light. The aim of these waves to a specific area of ​​the body or to affect the senses when he went to the eyes. The development of this type of technology treatment over the years, and now many practitioners claim that light therapy can reduce the symptoms actually many diseases including cancer. Although not recognized by most health authorities as a treatment for cancer is still light therapy is used widely by individuals and can be performed in a clinical setting or at home This means that plain and simple. 

On the other hand did not approve the use of light therapy in the treatment of mesothelioma or cure for any type of cancer, but rather a form of complementary therapies with some patients who have and which they claim success. It will gander at any type of manual treatment of mesothelioma may not list these treatments are generally as they are not promoted by doctors traditional. These include light therapy box, colored light therapy, and UV light, and UV irradiation of blood and will talk about each one in detail. 

Light box therapy. 
Also known as (bright light therapy) and this type of treatment involves the use of light boxes, lamps brightly, and masks the light, hoping to ease the pain. And is often used to pre-menstrual syndrome, migraines, or other types of pain caused by injuries. Some proponents of this type of light therapy also is used to reduce high blood pressure and hyperactivity. 

light therapy colored. 
Or what is known scientifically as (Chromtotherapy) colored light therapy, practitioners say it hurts light therapy of cancer cells, although there is no evidence or scientific findings to support this claim, and certainly does not provide treatment of mesothelioma. Is promoted also for the treatment of sleep disorders, allergies, diabetes, and impotence. Light color, however, have used this type of treatment successfully to treat children who suffer from high levels of bilirubin at birth. 

Ultraviolet (UV). 
it use light sources and also called (lamps sun) and works ultraviolet light therapy to neutralize toxins in the body, including cancer cells, as specialists say in this treatment. And they are used to treat AIDS and other immune system disorders, colds and bacterial infections. Again, there is no scientific studies to prove that the sun's ultraviolet rays can kill cancer cells or shrink tumors in malignant mesothelioma patients or those who have any other type of cancer. 

UV irradiation of blood. 
Proponents of this therapy claim that the treatment of blood with UV can kill viruses, bacteria and neutralize toxins. When blood is injected radioactive again in the body, it is believed that they can change the immune system to attack unwanted invaders of all kinds, including cancer cells. 

Medical uses. 
Is used UV light to irradiate blood. Through a procedure called photopheresis, blood is removed from the body and treated with chemicals to make them more sensitive to light before exposure to UV light. Then returned again to the bloodstream. Have been approved this process by the FDA for the treatment of lymphoma and can also be used to treat patients or organ transplant immune disorder has been approved administration to U.S. Food and Drug on it. 

Although light therapy does not appear to kill cancer evidence has proved different types of light a variety of medical uses. Light therapy can help square patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder or insomnia by simulating sunlight. It uses UV light to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases. The chromatotherapy even, or light therapy stained and effective in helping children who suffer from excessive bilirubin in the blood and excreted break this rule. 

In general, light therapy is safe visible light, although not this type of treatment can be confused with tanning beds or lamps of the sun, which can produce dangerously high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, even through treatments carefully monitored, and in fact raises the risk for a variety of skin diseases, including cancer. 


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